Coviu: UX & UI for Repeat Scheduled Sessions

Explorative research:

At the explorative stage we had to look at the existing data to understand the problem. Most or all video consultation apps have some ability to book recurring or repeating appointments. Although the Coviu system integrates with Google, Teams and Zoom, it lacks the functionality to easily set up recurring appointments. Initial research consisted of rigorously testing the design patterns of Google, Teams and Zoom’s approach of creating a repeating session.

It was important to understand the UX nuances between the apps and think strategically about the long term goals of adding this new functionality to the admin dashboard without confusing the user.

Ideation and iteration

I worked closely with the Admin Experience team to test out various ideas for different stakeholders. This involved extensive work prototyping and iteration in Figma – workshopping assumptions and testing, testing and more testing!

Date: 2023

Skills: UX / UI Design

Enhancing the appointment booking experience with recurring booking functionality.

Creating a repeat scheduled session

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Editing a repeat scheduled session

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Considering multiple devices (responsive)

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Please note: All design work completed by me was done as an employee of Coviu Global.