Dashboard design patterns:

Through competitive research we saw that similar products with EHR’s offered functionality allowing teams to view featured announcements re: the clinic’s events, such as training or charity promotion. This featured also enabled Coviu to promote exclusive internal products from it’s eco system.

Since the dashboard featured a ‘lounge’ image – we considered it much more beneficial and an improved experience allow the customer the flexibility to manage that real-estate for internal needs.

Customer configuration options:

Platform level

There are 2 levels of customer configuration, the platform level and the clinic level. The video below is an example of a platform level user configuring announcements to be seen across multiple clinics.

Clinic level

The video below is an example of user configuration an announcement at a clinic level ( only visible for one clinic )

Date: 2023

Skills: UX / UI Design

Summary: Enhancing the customer dashboard for tier 2 customers by providing an announcement component to feature and promote internal events.

This product initiative relied heavily on design thinking methods by engaging the stakeholder to understand their pain points, assumptions and motivations.

Figma was heavily used for ideation and workshopping various assumptions.

This process helped us to effectively design an intuitive solution that would not cause confusion but help to streamline workflows for the customer.

The example videos on the left show the user flow of the customer ( at both platform and clinic level ) setting up new promotional announcements, starting with:

  • colour theme
  • announcement title
  • subtitle for details
  • external url
  • announcement image


Although the end product seems quite simple, the process eventually enhance the dashboard with this new functionality took careful thinking and collaboration with the Admin Experience product team.

We also had to consider the types of devices being used so making sure the user interface was responsive was important. Even though the analytics showed a much smaller user percentage for tablet and mobile, its always important to consider various use cases.

Please note: All design work completed by me was done as an employee of Coviu Global.