The existing challenge:

During a typical consultation, it’s easy for a clinician to have a multitude of concerns, tasks and priorities which can cause them to lose focus which can prevent them from giving efficient attention to their patients.

Nabla Copilot combined with Coviu allows the clinician toe easily attain 100% of the information during a consultation and also share as a referral. The AI transcrption functionality allows assist the clinician by providing an accurate account of the discussion and action points as a complete ‘clinical’ note.

We tested the AI transcription and found it very accurate at highlighting the key discussion points by using language algorithms.

Walkthrough steps:

  1. Doctor starts consultation with Nabla copilot running in background
  2. Doctor reveals right resource panel to show the transcript happening
  3. when the consultation comes to an end, doctor clicks notes tab to generate medical notes from transcript
  4. Doctor reviews transcript and may add notes if any details are missing
  5. Doctor scrolls to end of transcript/notes to reveal more options ( copy note + 3 options)
Date: 2023

Skills: UX / UI Design

 Integration demo to showcase the potential of combining the Nabla Copilot AI transcription service during a Coviu powered video consultation.


Please note: All design work completed by me was done as an employee of Coviu Global.