User testing:

User testing showed us that during the trial sign-up process, customers did not see a progression of information on screen, leading them to assume there was an error with the setup process and abandon the task, specially the type of consumers ( clinicians ) who are busy and may not have the patience to wait.


Proposed solution:

The strategy to building an effective solution as being transparent with the user and at the same time give them some visual stimulus while they wait.

  • researching visual aids ( images /animations ) 
to communicate that a new account is being installed. Various images were tested with the marketing team.
  • add appropriate statements to engage the user . “ hang tight! We’re currently building your virtual clinic “ combined with the new visual treatment of the animation ( woman sitting at desktop as system starts up ).

  • Adding CTA regarding an introduction and overview of the Coviu system.

Even though the number of mobile users is very small, its important to consider the use case of someone travelling who decides to utilise the travel time by setting up a Coviu trial account on their mobile.

If the potential customer can have a positive experience on mobile for this process it may help to strengthen their perception of the brand.

Date: 2023

Skills: UX / UI Design

Summary: Enhancing the Coviu trial sign up process by analysing and

understanding existing pain points and improve conversions.

Click on the screen below to play video of trial account setup. 

Please note: All design work completed by me was done as an employee of Coviu Global.