The updated online presence featured many improvements based on my UX Audit, including:

  • Intuitive navigation with better structure
  • how-to guides across the entire site, enabling users to become more familiar with installing plugins and managing their account


Skills: UX Audit, Website design, UI design

Summary: At Coviu, one of my key tasks was to conduct a UX Audit of the existing Coviu website design and provide thorough feedback on methods of improving the design from a marketing point of view.

This also includes the admin presence from trial sign-up to login as well as the main features of the Coviu service (video consultation).

The aim was to to provide best practice web standards for accessibility and also a practical hierarchy of importance for the navigation. Obviously, making sure the responsiveness features work to the best ability for all devices to cater for situational use.

This task involved collaboration with various product teams, including marketing and customer success.


Sign-up, login and admin experience improvements across multiple devices

Coviu sign-up , Admin Experience and Apps eco-system

Please note: All design work completed by me was done as an employee of Coviu Global.