From the screenshot below, we can see a group of string variables connected to each topic:

Music = ‘hasMusic’ ,
Food & drinks = ‘hasFood’ ,
Product Design = ‘hasDesign’ ,
News – ‘hasNews’. 

The conditional logic switches each button to enabled on tap.

Each topic has a component card (text and image) that is linked to the relevant string variable. Initially, all component cards are hidden and only made active once enabled from topic selections (or if ‘skip’ is selected).

Date: 2024
Client: Private client 
Skills: UX/ UI

Summary: This project was an exploratory test of recent updated functionality within Figma.

The purpose was to demonstrate dynamic functionality by the use of variables and conditional statements.

Once the Figma prototype is launched you will be able to:

– select all or at least one topic

– change the mode from dark to light without changing the current selection.

– if not topic is selected, the ‘continue’ button is disabled but the ‘skip’ is always enabled.