Early wireframes to establish a general approach to the layout across different devices.

A simple clean approach by conveying personalisation to change the image style, based on the type of transport you prefer (bike, scooter, electric bike) and other preferences

Date: 2018-2019
Client: Private
Skills: UX / UI Design

Summary: The visual design requirements for this project were to produce ‘Lime’ e-bike ride experience for owners of ‘Weelz’ e-bikes. 

The Weelz app is an IOT solution for e-bikes, integrating in-depth vehicle mobile and cloud computing technologies into one single system.

The vehicle connection to the cloud is performed either via Bluetooth or via GPS/GPRS based on the e-bike configuration type. The website marketing approach is designed to target the millenials tech savvy demographic generation, enabling owners to communicated to each other through social media.


Design thinking process

We had an initial kick off meeting with the client and product owner to understand the business model, competitors as well as usability testing of current competitor apps. This includes analysing design patterns, onboarding and general technical pain points.

There were a lot of technology considerations in terms of native or agnostic OS approach. 

There were also many discussions and interviews to explore the business needs as well as the customer needs.