The challenge

1st draft storyboard
While working on the ResAppDx product, one of our major challenges and pain-points we faced was finding a way to make sure the average person was comfortable using the app – since coughing on your phone device felt very unnatural.

We constantly tested the app in the office by coughing on ou devices phone 5 times but the angle and distance we held the phone near the head always seemed strange, so we ended up coughing much more than 5 times!.

The agreed approach was to storyboard some initial ideas from a human centred approach.


From Storyboard to final video

Use the controls below the screenshot to navigate the different parts of the instructional video

The solution was simple. Even though we had all observed the right way to hold the phone and cough we subconsciously ignored the right way and did what seemed most natural to us as individuals using our phones.

The screenshots above show examples of an adult performing the cough test alone, then, an adult helping a child to perform the cough test. The inset device screen show the instructional diagram to emphasise the correct placement, ( even though this is difficult from a perspective view illustration.)

Click below to play the final version of the ResAppDx instructional video

The video above shows the trusted GP reiteration the functions of the app as well as the final analysis report which is critical to the GPs diagnosis.


Please note: All digital design work produced by me was done as an employee of ResApp Health Limited.