Date: 2018 – 2019
Client: Tiny
Skills: Sketch , Illustrator, InVision
Summary: One of the most critical tasks at Tiny was to create a brand design pattern library for all the website elements in an agile way – based on thinking of each visual element as a component that collectively become a web page layout or web based app.

The components all form part of the pattern library or more commonly known as a ‘design system’, here is category list for all the various visual components:

  • Typography
  • Colour pallet 
  • Iconography
  • Card components
  • Form elements
  • Tables
  • Section slices
  • Navigation 
  • Buttons
  • Hero block

 Tiny guidelines

The Tiny Guidelines is a living document, developed as a team to communicate a confident brand identity to the public. It features an overview of the following areas.


Please note: All digital design work produced by me was done as an employee of Tiny Technologies.