UXD Case Studies

As I continue my transition from just Visual Designer to UX/UI Designer I find there are endless variations on approaches and processes to understand. Not all designers have the luxury to work in environments that fully adopt the UXD methodology, nevertheless I have tried to implement relevant UX activities where possible.

It’s important to keep design accessible and simple. The following extract is taken from ‘UX For Dummies’ By Kevin P. Nichols, Donald Chesnut. This is applicable to all designers.

The world of UX (user experience) strategy may seem complicated and hard to grasp. But anyone who wants to build a digital experience (whether for a local business or a national corporation) can leverage UX best practices to ensure that the experience meets basic user needs. Optimize the user experience by following UX design phases — from discovery and defining to designing and building. Finally, evaluate and refine your design to ensure a great user experience.