Woundview desktop and mobile

Product research ( wound capture apps )

Researching existing wound capture to understand the common design patterns, information architecture, functionality, and approach to design for multiple devices.


Skills: UX research and design, UI design

Summary: At Coviu, one of my key tasks was to work as part of a research team to build knowledge and understand the requirements create a digital app to specifically function as an aid for experienced nurses in aged care facilities.

The nature of the app would be based around wound care and monitoring vital data such as heart and respiration rates.

Help in Aged Care

The challenge is especially widespread in residential aged care facilities as older people are more susceptible to chronic wounds due to their comorbidities and age associated factors such as frail skin. There is often a lack of expert and specialist wound support across the aged care sector but this is particularly heightened in rural and remote Australia where there are health workforce shortages and health access challenges. 

User interviews
We took the opportunity to interview the key persona that the app is aimed at, an aged care nurse. This helped us to understand the day to day concerns of managing wound care in an efficient way.


Please note: All design work completed by me were done as an employee of Coviu Global. The images shown are conceptual and are based on using the Coviu design system to convey a visual design that may be applied to a digital product of this type.